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Yilin Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Xinfa Aluminum Industrial Park, Chiping County, Shandong Province, the Aluminum Industry Base of China. It is a professional company integrating production, R&D and deep processing of aluminum profiles.

With the full support of Xinfa Group and Zhongwang Group, the company relies on the resources of the aluminum industry and the advantages of the Group to forge ahead, actively extend the aluminum production chain, and enter the downstream aluminum profile and aluminum products deep processing industry in all directions. Focus on the production and development and deep processing of various industrial aluminum profiles with large sections and special specifications.

For the needs of different industries: woodworking machinery, motor trains, subway truck bodies, pneumatic cylinder hydraulic pump bodies, motor casings, electronic radiators, power communications, LED lights, photovoltaic solar, petrochemical, medical, pharmaceutical machinery and other industries Special industrial aluminum.

Focus on the R&D of pure aluminum, rust-proof aluminum, wrought aluminum, hard and super-hard aluminum, large-diameter tube, aluminum rod, row and various seamless square tubes, thin-walled seamless round tubes.




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